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Who is Rachel Roang?

Rachel Roang was been conceptualizing and creating clothes for more than thirty years. When she isn’t touring around the Midwest region at art fairs, she is working her shop at the Bristol Renaissance Faire where her designer Renaissance attire is sold. The idea behind her clothing is to be comfortable while still being durable. Roang makes use of silk, cotton, rayon, and linen fabrics to execute her idea. Roang specifically creates her clothing to be worn in several different styles as well as worn with other clothing she created. Roang gets intrinsic fulfillment by making people happy wither her clothes that can endure the test of time.

How Did Roang Get Rolling?

Roang studied dance at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she was greatly fascinated by her kinesiology classes. She wanted to make clothes that weren’t just comfortable but still looked good on the body while in motion. She shoots to make clothing that looks good when it drapes along the wearer and still looks dazzling while they walk. Roang specializes in men’s, women’s, and children’s Renaissance attire, designer women’s clothes, as well as cheap and ceremonial clothes and robes.

Where Can I Find Rachel Roang?

You will be able to find Roang at the Bristol Renaissance Festival on July tenth and eleventh as well as September fourth through the sixth. Four Winds Clothing will have a booth at the Stronghold Faire in Oregon, Illinois October second and third while also attending the Rogues and Ruffians on October ninth and tenth at Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Location 2709 Willard Ave, Madison, WI 53704
Hours Thursdays 4pm-8pm
Phone 608.241.2776

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About The Marling

The Marling Apartments rests on the edge of Downtown Madison, WI, and offers a superb location near the State Capitol, within walking distance of Willy Street, Schenk-Atwood, and Marquette neighborhoods.

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