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Interior Botanicals

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Interior Botanicals

Whether you’re an expert green thumb or can’t seem to keep plants alive, interior botanicals are a simple way to decorate your apartment without damaging the walls. Some plants are easier to care for than others, so if you’re apprehensive about adopting a plant, you should research what plants to start with.

As you gain experience with easy-to-care-for plants, you will be able to acquire more exciting, temperamental plants that require more attention. Keep in mind that some plants are hazardous to humans and animals.

If you have children or pets, you should not purchase toxic plants. Poisonous plants are incredibly beautiful; however, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining for plant rookies, unsafe plants, and people who cannot give plants the attention they need. Many gorgeous, treacherous, and high-maintenance plants are available as artificial plants.

These plants will not need any soil, light, or water and are not nearly as harmful as their biological counterparts (as artificial plants are usually made of plastic).

As long as you don’t have a puppy chewing up everything in sight or a teething toddler crawling around and putting things in their mouth, you don’t have to worry about fake plants harming your, your pets, or your children.

Interior botanicals add life to any area of an apartment. If you’re struggling to decide what decorations you should add to a specific spot in your place, keep an open mind to plants!

Likewise, plants are a great way to purify and freshen the air in your apartment.

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