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Pet Friendly Living

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Pet Friendly Living

Apartment communities understand pets are part of what makes life lovely, and that’s why pet friendly living is a necessity. They’re our best friends, always there for us in our darkest hours; we must be there for theirs, too.

While large holiday gatherings with loved ones are fun for humans, they can be super stressful for your pet. Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are exceptionally difficult for dogs and cats.

Be mindful of your pet’s body language; if they’re acting strange, they may be anxious. Most animals have separation anxiety to a certain degree. The extent varies upon the animal, breed, and personality.

Even if your pet doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety, if you’ve been working remotely and will be returning to the office, that will be a change that may create separation anxiety in your pet.

The best way to eliminate separation anxiety is to burn off your pet’s energy; “nervous energy” is natural. Set aside time every day to spend time with your pet. You are part of their pack, and if you don’t prioritize spending time with them, they will only get more anxious.

When you return home after a few hours away, acknowledge your pet. They are happy to see you when you get home, so ensure you communicate to them you’re glad to see them as well.

Madison is incredibly progressive and promotes pet friendly living. Many places allow pets, from coffee shops to restaurants, bars, and even retail stores.

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