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Help Your Dog Cope with Traveling

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What is Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety affects approximately five percent of all dogs. Daily activities, like shopping, can be difficult. If your dog is anxious when they know where they have come from, taking him to the veterinarian or the groomer can be difficult in and of itself. Getting your dog in the car to visit the veterinarian or groomer is only half of the battle if they have travel anxiety! When it comes to getting in the automobile or riding in it, travel anxiety can also be about your dog’s feelings of joy when doing so. Travel by air has also been a source of anxiety for many dogs. Some canines must be sedated to travel by car, plane, or train.

How do I Know When My Dog is Having Travel Anxiety?

Carsickness, barking, whining, pacing, scratching, and restlessness are some examples of travel anxiety. Some dogs will try to sit on the owner’s lap while driving the automobile, which can harm themselves and cause the driver to crash and sustain injuries of their own and perhaps others. If you’re lucky, your dog’s travel anxiety will just result in a few interior cleanings or repairs. Even those may be costly, as creating good travel memories helps avoid undesirable ones occurring at the veterinarian or the groomer.

What Does it Mean to “Hug” My Dog??

Dogs enjoy the security of gentle pressure because it comforts them down. Dogs love being swaddled, much like newborn babies. It helps to calm dogs down if you don’t have anyone to gently hug and provide pressure while they’re in the car. Consider wrapping your dog up to keep their head cool if you don’t have someone to gently hug and apply pressure while they’re in the vehicle. Dogs that would previously bark, pace, and pant have overcome their anxiety about car trips thanks to their owners’ invention of a method to “hug” them while they travel. You won’t have to worry about sedating your dog or going to the vet or pet store to get their pricey medicines if you can “hug them.

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