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SuperCharge! Foods

What is SuperCharge! Foods?

Created in 2008, SuperCharge! Foods was founded “as a grass-roots movement to feed people holistically to facilitate life growth.” SuperCharge! Foods’ goal is to see people “live the life we are intended to.” It is necessary for us to give our bodies “live food” to be able to receive “life force energy” combined with the needed chemical compounds in the food in order to keep ourselves healthy and operating at our peak performance. As our bodies are living entities, we need to be putting in living food. When “dead food” is eaten, it requires our body to supply the living energy to convert it into a “living body.”

A Better Food Provider to Preserve the Planet

Co-Owners TJ DiCiaula and P.T. Bjerke would have many conversations around “human conscious evolution, mental revolution, and Spiritual freedom in alignment with planetary sustainability” at the end of the 1990s. Upon completion of Peter Tompkins’ and Christopher Bird’s book, The Secret Life of Plants (1973), the idea to combine plant awareness into food as a means to create a society of more dietary, mentally, and spiritually aware people was born. Following a decade of research, formal instruction, informal teaching, personal and spiritual progression, as well as “alignment with Nature,” the two became mindful of the current reality “that the ‘Grass Roots’ mechanism for holistic health, community, sustainability, and life growth DOES exist in our food systems.” SuperCharge! utilizes microgreens with the largest amount of nutrients to provide “holistic goodness to the People.”

The Importance of Quality Food

It takes a proper diet for individuals to use their higher brain functions accordingly. When consuming the right foods in the correct quantities, we are able to “navigate life in a place of abundance, health, creativity, and community.” When individuals are malnourished, we resort back to a primitive state of “fight or flight” and our outlook on the world is negative bias. We see our fellow “Brothers and Sisters of the Human race on Planet Earth” as rivals and “competition for food” which leads us astray from the goal of working together and world peace.

Location: 1902 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 Hours: 10am-7pm, daily
Phone: 608.230.5540

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