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The Marling Conference Room

With offices being closed and the lack of dine-in availability, trying to coordinate an in-person business meeting can be difficult. Thankfully, living at The Marling makes it easy!

Schedule your reservation for The Marling’s Conference Room and host up to eight colleagues or business partners with the option to connect your laptop via HDMI, HDMI mini, or USB to the table and speak to even more individuals via Skype or Zoom.

With bright walls, large bay windows, the room provides plenty of natural light to keep your brains stimulated and focused on the work at hand. Additionally, if discussing a private topic, each window has curtains to be drawn for your privacy, should you choose.

A large flat screen TV mounted on the wall makes it easy for everyone to see the presentation, even for those on the far side of the table. Enjoy a complimentary steel pitcher of water and glasses with your meeting to keep yourselves hydrated.

Whether it’s a hot summer day or cold winter night, the thermostat is mounted on the wall so you can adjust the temperature to your comfort.

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About The Marling

The Marling Apartments rests on the edge of Downtown Madison, WI, and offers a superb location near the State Capitol, within walking distance of Willy Street, Schenk-Atwood, and Marquette neighborhoods.

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