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Sathrum’s Start

Marit Sathrum had no idea what she was in for when she attended her first-ever yoga class in 1993. Only minutes into the first breathing exercise, she got the itch. She decided to push herself to see through the thirty day yoga challenged and noticed numerous enhancements. Not only did yoga help her quit smoking, Sathrum was able to lose seventeen pounds and increased her height by almost a whole inch.

The Need for Change

In 1997, Sathrum took a giant leap of faith and left her position as an equity analyst for the investment banking and industry and began a five-hundred hour program to be a yoga teacher at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Los Angeles. Sathrum gave birth to her son in August 2000 and two years later, she ended up separating from the father of her child. The choice was difficult, but Sathrum decided to move back to Wisconsin and raise her son. She saw a sign for a space open for lease in Madison during June 2002, and decided to take another leap of faith.

Opening Doors

This time, she used money loaned from multiple credit cards to open her premiere yoga studio on Madison’s University Avenue. Four months later, on October fourteenth, Bikram Yoga Madison was open for business. Three years later, Sathrum felt the desire for another child. She flew over to Ethiopia and adopted a five-month-old girl. Sathrum wanted to expand her yoga horizons and thought of the name Inner Fire Yoga in 2007. Inner Fire Yoga’s goal was to combine Power Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga with her already existing Hot Yoga. Sathrum had a team of senior instructors that helped her mix the two yoga disciplines and in 2011, Inner Fire Yoga’s first glass of two-hundred-hour certified teachers graduated.

The Fire Grew

Inner Fire Yoga established a second location on Madison’s east side in 2018. The two studios now provide Hot, Power Flow, Inner Fire Flow, Slow Flow, and Yin Yoga classes. Additionally, attendees can enroll in a two-hundred-hour yoga instructor approval class. At its inception and to this day, Inner Fire Yoga gives Madison genuine yoga training with teachers of the highest caliber and purest intentions. The yoga instructors at Inner Fire Yoga seek to help others reach enlightenment through “freedom in body, clarity of mind and generosity of heart.”

Location: 1813 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 Hours: 6am-9pm, daily (Holiday hours may differ)
Phone: 608.405.5896

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About The Marling

The Marling Apartments rests on the edge of Downtown Madison, WI, and offers a superb location near the State Capitol, within walking distance of Willy Street, Schenk-Atwood, and Marquette neighborhoods.

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