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Optimal Lighting for Your Apartment

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Optimal Lighting for Your Apartment

Lighting has a tendency to get overlooked. The reality is lighting can drastically influence your emotions while altering the appearance of your apartment’s size and highlighting aspects you either like or dislike, depending on where the light shines and the type of light you use. Use lighting to make your apartment gentle and welcoming or stimulating and energetic.


Ceiling Fixture as an Accent Piece

An easy way to make your apartment look larger than life is to hang a bold lighting fixture on your ceiling. Find a light or chandelier that works with your design theme to draw attention upwards. When your focal point is on the ceiling, it will open up your apartment and appear bigger than it is, especially if you use a lighter color scheme to help stretch light as far as possible. A ceiling light can greatly illuminate any room, however it should not be the sole light source.


Use a Bright Light at Your Vanity or Desk

The greatest challenge when trying to light up your vanity or desk is having enough light for the whole room. Vanity and desk lights usually make it easy to see what’s directly in front, but will leave the rest of the room dark. A simple fix to get light to shine in all directions is to make use of sconces or string lights. When the room you’re applying your makeup in or finishing up work is well lit, it will help wake you up while making you feel like you aren’t working in a cave.


To Lampshade or Not to Lampshade?

A lampshade can manipulate the light in a room, whether you want to soften the light or disperse it differently. A lampshade with brighter colors will dampen the light and distribute a more balanced glow within a room. A lampshade with darker colors will cast light directly above and below the lamp. It is critical to know what you need out of a lampshade prior to choosing a lampshade. A lighter lampshade will help brighten the overall space while a darker lampshade can be used to highlight a specific area in a room. If you have rather dark room in your apartment and a lighter lampshade doesn’t provide enough light, you may choose to remove the lampshade to milk the lamp for as much light as possible. If you are set on having a shade for your lamp but still want as much light as possible, try finding a glass or mesh lampshade.


Different Colors Give Different Light

The strength of light isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when choosing lighting for your apartment. The color of light will greatly manipulate the space in your apartment as well. Lampshades can help disperse light how you desire, but the color of the light bulb is the most straightforward way to acquire the type of light you’re looking for, whether it’s a soft, warm color or a strong, cool color.  A bright white or cooler-blue colored light will stimulate your brain meanwhile a softer, yellow light will relax your eyes and help you unwind. Depending on what you need, you can use the same color light to have your entire apartment appear a certain way. Otherwise, you can use different light colors to create multiple atmospheres. For example, you might want a bright light in your bathroom and kitchen to help you wake up and cook, while you might want a softer yellow light in your bedroom to make it easy for you to fall asleep.


Use a Dimmer to Get Multiple Moods with the Same Lights

A dimmer is an excellent way to change up the light in your space instantaneously. Dimmers are installed into the switch directly, so while you may not be able to have a dimmer for your stock lights, you can always buy smart light fixtures for your apartment. The best part about smart light fixtures is you can quickly change up the light with your phone. If you’re getting ready for work, set your light to a nice bright light to get you going for the day, and then when you get home, switch it to a softer light to help you relax after a long shift.


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