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Is Your Dog Barking from Anxiety?

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Excessive barking is an issue remedied relatively simply, however, the consequences of not being proactive can be costly.

As far as noise complaints, excessive barking is the highest reported noise complaint in the United States.

Dog owners of loudmouths get the short end of the stick as short-tempered neighbors end up contacting the police to investigate the reasons for a barking dog.

If fortunate, dog owners may receive a verbal or written warning, but expensive citations and even the removal of the dog have been required before.

Keep your dog by learning how to help with their anxiety and prevent excessive barking.

Babies don’t know how to speak, so they cry when they need attention, whether they’re sad, hungry, or need their diaper changed. Dogs don’t have words either. When they want your attention, they will bark.

It is up to the dog owner to figure out what their dog needs, just like it is up to the baby’s parent to figure out what the infant needs.

Excessive barking can mean several things. It may mean your dog is sad or hungry, perhaps they have an injury that is causing great troubles, you just can’t tell.

While most people like to point-fingers at hunger, boredom, and improper doggy training, the reality is identifying the cause of over-barking isn’t easy.

When observed with other unwanted dog behaviors, over-barking is usually a sign of stress or anxiety.

It is imperative for dog owners to identify what is causing the anxiety or stress in their pets.

Once the cause of anxiety is identified, the process of relieving the distress is much smoother and your dog will live a more composed life, expressing less stress-related behaviors.

Over-barking can be a result of separation anxiety, the fear of unknown people, and numerous other reasons.

Make it a mission to figure out if your dog is barking out of anxiety, and if they are, get to the bottom of what is the base of their anxiety to be able to correctly remedy your dog’s excessive barking.

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