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Decorate Without Damage

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Decorate Without Damage

Everyone wants to personalize their apartment, but no one wants to lose their security deposit. It’s a common dilemma for every tenant. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to decorate without wrecking the walls of your apartment.


Find a Theme You Like

It’s easy to tie the rooms of your apartment together when you find a theme and run it through the entirety of your unit. Think about the places you like to hang out at or if that’s too much to choose from, just pick one of your favorite colors. It’s much easier to decorate when you decide on a theme before you start. When you have an idea of what you want your apartment to look like, you’ll have more luck bringing your idea to life.


Decorations That Live and Breathe

If you have a stuffy apartment, consider bringing some plants in to freshen the place up. Plants are basically living air fresheners while also making great decorations. Contrary to popular belief, there is a plethora of plant species that will live excellent lives in your apartment, even if you’re not normally a green thumb! If you have a tendency to forget to water or rotate your plants into the sun light, you can always use fake plants as decoration without the worry of keeping them alive. If your apartment feels rather dull and sad, pick up some plants to cheer the place up!


Extra Lighting

If you already have extra lights and lamps in your apartment, you can always try bringing in a different lighting style. If you need new lighting ideas for the low, grab some string lights to add soft, dynamic lighting. Slow, early mornings and calm, late nights don’t require bright, energetic lights like you may have. Use string lights to ease your eyes when you’re just waking up or before you go to bed. While white string lights are the most common, you can really get them in any color or a variety of colors to match your design theme or have a rotation of different lights to keep it fun.


Walls Are Your Canvas

Never let your wall space go to waste. Vertical space is the most underutilized part of any apartment, so remember to use as much vertical space for storage before you decorate. It’s easier to decorate after you create vertical storage so you can see what spots on the wall could use the art or decoration. Leave the hammer and nail behind, use Command hooks to decorate without damaging your apartment. If you want to add some personality to your walls, consider using vinyl decals to spice the place up.


If your apartment is looking a little dull, try throwing an area rug into the mix to make your space pop. Most luxury apartments are built with hardwood floors, which make cleaning a breeze, but aren’t always the most comfortable. A rug will soften your floors and act as soundproofing. As always, find an area rug that meshes well with your design and color scheme.


Transparent Storage Containers

Containers are a great way to organize, but if you can’t see through them, it will require you to take the lids off and dig around which will take time. Clear storage containers are ideal as it will allow you to find what you’re looking for fast. The best part about using clear storage containers for the entirety of your apartment is they can be used for any room in your apartment, whether you need it for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. More important than your decorations is your organization, as your decorations won’t meaning anything if your apartment is cluttered, dirty pig pen.


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Are you ready to move into your next apartment in the greater Milwaukee area? Take a look at these wonderful luxury apartments in and around Milwaukee.

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