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Machinery Row Bicycles

Biking for a Better Tomorrow

Machinery Row Bicycles would like to see everyone riding a bike. They stand by the statement that, “bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities’ complex problems.” Bikes are better for the environment as they do not put out any pollution as well as it’s a great form of exercise. When you don’t have to put gas in your car, pay for a bus or train ticket, you can save money on your work commute and wherever you need to transport yourself to, all while having a good time doing it. Machinery Row Bicycles would like to push everyone in the bike community to pursue bicycle transportation year-round, yes, even during the winter when the snow flies.

How Can the Machinery Row Mechanics Help Me?

The professional mechanics at Machinery Row Bicycles are knowledgeable in their craft, so they can help make the vision of a year-round bike community possible. Machinery Row Bicycles has a large inventory stocked with the road, town, mountain, triathlon, gravel, electric, and cyclocross bicycles. They are the largest stand-alone dealer of Trek and numerous other top-tier brands in Madison. Whether you need your bike worked on, some new gear, or a whole new bike, the prices at Machinery Row Bicycles can’t be beaten! The entirety of the staff is passionate about bikes, which means they can help you find exactly what you need better than any other bike outfitter. Aside from price-matching at purchase, Machinery Row Bicycles will price match up to thirty days after your purchase!

Location: 601 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608.442.5974
Hours: Sun 11am-5pm, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm


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About The Marling

The Marling Apartments rests on the edge of Downtown Madison, WI, and offers a superb location near the State Capitol, within walking distance of Willy Street, Schenk-Atwood, and Marquette neighborhoods.

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