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Make Your Apartment Safe for Pets

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Apartment life can be more enjoyable with a pet, but apartments can have dangers. If you have a pet, there are some measures to take to make your apartment safe for them.

Anything you can do to eliminate avoidable risks should be done. Use these helpful tips to make sure your apartment is safe for your pet.

Cables and Electrical Outlets

Maintenance crews usually have their work cut out for them each day, which means some hazards around the apartment might not be able to get dealt with for a few hours or even a few days.

If the landlord repairs an apartment community, it may take them longer to be able to assess any dangers. This means that an apartment building or unit won’t always be kept to your personal safety standards.

The electrical outlets and wiring in older apartments can be a greater risk to your pet than in a newer apartment building.

It is critical all electrical outlets are correctly covered and any cables are wound properly without breaks or frays. A broken or frayed cable could shock your pet and if it’s left loose on the ground, your pet could get wrapped up and possibly choke itself.


Pets are naturally curious, some more than others.

An open window and door can be dangerous for an inquisitive pet exploring its surroundings.

You need to be extra vigilant with these areas to keep your pet safe. If you live on an upper floor of an apartment building, childproof locks on windows may not be a bad idea to prevent an excited dog from falling out while parking at a passing dog walking with its owner.

Gates or bars over the windows are an additional level of protection. If you have a balcony and a smaller pet, any openings need to be sufficiently sealed with either netting, gates, or wood.

If you have patio furniture, your pet may want to climb around and lay down on it. No one wants their pet climbing around and accidentally falling over the side of their balcony!

Under no circumstances should your pet be left unaccompanied on your patio or balcony.

Plants, Prescriptions, and Cleaning Products

If you have a dog, you most likely have had to pull something out of their mouth before.

Plants and prescriptions can be deadly to your pet as they may consume them not knowing they are putting themselves in harm’s way.

Some common and popular house plants are toxic when eaten. You need to know what plants in your apartment unit and building are harmful to your pets.

Chipped paint, specifically in older apartment buildings, may contain lead, which is harmful. It’s imperative your pet doesn’t eat any chipped paint.

If you find chipped paint throughout your apartment building, speak to your landlord or maintenance crew immediately.


When you move into your apartment, it is a good idea to introduce yourself and your pet to the neighbors around your apartment unit.

This will help your pet to differentiate between who is a neighbor and who is a stranger. This also lets your neighbors know that you have a pet living with you, and they can assist you in looking out for any potential dangers around the apartment building.

Never leave your pet alone in any common areas of the apartment building.

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