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What to do When You Move

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Are you moving soon? Unsure what to do? Learn all the moving secrets; from packing an essentials bag to sorting your valuables.

What to do When You Move

Moving isn’t an easy process, and if you’re moving out of town, state, or country, it will require more steps than moving to a new building in the community or within the city. Moving to a new unit in the same building still takes timing and preparation. To alleviate the pressure of moving, learn what you can do to set yourself up for success.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Every time you move, you need a bag with your essentials. If you were to walk onto a plane and could only bring a backpack, what would you bring? A few change of clothes, your prescription, toiletries, wallet with cash, and phone charger. It would be wise to pack your entire prescription, as if you end up being displaced for longer than planned you will at least be able to take your daily medication. At a minimum, you should have three days-worth of necessities in your essentials bag before you arrive in your new home. Everyone involved in the move needs to have their own essentials bag.

Carefully Sort Your Valuables

All your valuables need to be packed into your vehicle so you know where they are at any given moment. Moving companies will not claim ownership for anything damaged during the move. It is mandatory you are possession of your valuables, should anything be stolen or broken you are the only one at fault. All your fragile belongings need to be carefully packed and the box must be labeled so the movers know to handle the box with extreme caution.

Hire the Right Moving Company

It’s important you hire the right people to handle everything you own! It’s tempting to pick the first promising company or the top result on a search page, but you need to look at the customer reviews so you can learn what real people have to say about the company. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time while looking for the right moving company, especially if you’re moving long distance, as you will be spending a lot of time with them.

Move Without A Moving Company

If you are moving within the same building, you can easily get away with asking your friends and family to help you. If you’re moving across town, you might have to rent a uHaul for a few hours to move some larger items, such as your mattress and dresser. If you are moving across the state or country, you need to hire professionals to help. You will end up paying more to move, but you’ll be happy when you aren’t making multiple trips and doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

Get Insurance

Insurance is an after-thought until it’s too late. Be sure to contact your insurance provider and make them aware of your new address and when you will be living there, so the second you move in, you’re new spot is covered under your renter’s insurance policy. Likewise, you need to get moving insurance to know for certain all your belongings are accounted for and protected should anything happen while being transported, as moving companies won’t take responsibility for anything damaged while driving from A to B.  Most moving companies have insurance, but they all have different polices and coverage which you will need to discuss with them. Even if they have great insurance, nothing will protect you as well as having a moving insurance policy of your own.

Double Check the Inventory

Before you load into your new apartment, make sure your new apartment is in good condition. Any damage, such as holes, dents, and scrapes, must be photographed so you can prove to your landlord you are not responsible for what happened. When you finish moving all your boxes into the new apartment, be sure to check the condition of your belongings, making sure nothing is damaged. You will also need to make sure your previous apartment has been left in the proper condition according to your lease agreement. You do not want to end up paying for damage you didn’t do.


Don’t bring anything you don’t plan on using frequently. Moving is a perfect time to throw away everything that is broken and can’t be salvaged. Any clothing, electronics, and items you do not use or do not wish to bring should all be sold to help pay for moving costs. Anything you can’t sell in time can be donated. The less you have to pack, the easier moving and settling into your new apartment will be.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

Everyone procrastinates at some point in their life, but packing for the move is the worst time to do so. If you procrastinate packing, you will likely end up packing hastily and forgetting items you wouldn’t have if you allowed yourself enough time. Furthermore, hectic packing ends up being more unorganized and challenging to unpack when you arrive at your new apartment. Give yourself more than enough time to pack your life up. Your move will go over significantly smoother.

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