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Dog Breeds Suited for Apartment Living

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 There are many variables to keep in mind before you share your apartment with a pet. You may be surprised to learn how many dog breeds for excellent for apartment living. Characteristics to consider are how noisy a specific breed is or how much exercise a breed needs. Most importantly, you will want to find a breed that can be left alone for a significant period of time, such as while you are at work. It is a common misconception to think a small dog is best for apartment living, that is not necessarily true. Small dogs usually have more energy than large dogs and tend to feel more protective over their owners, causing them to bark and growl a lot. Below are a few breeds that have proved they are suited for apartment life.



Most English Bulldogs only stand at about twelve to fourteen inches and weigh anywhere from forty to fifty pounds. Since these dogs are rather small with a calm disposition, they are a great choice for families with children. As English Bulldogs don’t need much exercise, they’re perfect for someone with a busy schedule that can’t always get their dog outside before work. French Bulldogs are excellent as well, and they are even smaller than English Bulldogs, approximately half the size.



Corgis have a friendly disposition and short legs, making them an outstanding breed for apartment life. Due to their short legs, Corgis exert most of their energy walking around which makes it easy to ensure they are getting enough exercise. This breed loves other dogs and people, so you never have to worry about having guests over. Furthermore, Corgis are fairly self-sufficient and won’t stress-out while you clock your eight hours at work. Corgis love to play and cuddle, so as long as you have the time to hang out with them after work, they will make an awesome addition to your family and apartment.


Shih Tzu

Small and calm, the Shih Tzu was bred to be a lap dog. They do love attention, however, which can make or break their ability as a roommate in your apartment. Since they are a small lapdog, they will have more energy than most dogs and feel the need to protect their owner, resulting in excessive barking. A Shih Tzu will require patience and training to create the desired personality for apartment life. If you live in a studio or one bedroom apartment, a Shih Tzu will make a fine companion as long as you take the time to train them accordingly.


Yorkshire Terrier

More commonly referred to as “Yorkie,” these small dogs behave well in an apartment. They have a strong “watchdog” drive and do not need a lot of space to be content. You will need to thoroughly train and socialize a Yorkie as a puppy for apartment life to keep them from barking incessantly while also learning they can trust new people. It is easy to keep your apartment cleans as Yorkies are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much.


Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds are great apartment dogs in the care of the right owner. They are friendly and laid back while also not shedding much. For a medium to large dog breed, Greyhounds will need a decent amount of physical exertion, which means you may want to avoid adopting a Greyhound if you will not be able to take it for a walk or run once, if not twice, each day. Greyhounds are thin, lean dogs with short hair. During the winter, they will need a doggy sweater or coat while outside and a cozy, warm apartment while inside. Aside from their exertion needs and winter responsibilities, Greyhounds will make a great pet in an apartment.


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