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Striving Students

Madison East High School has a rich history of student success after graduation. Staff and faculty place high expectations on all pupils with a concentration towards, “college, career, and community readiness.” Despite having great achievements under their belt, Madison East High understands there is always room for improvement when it comes to teaching to make sure every student succeeds. Every spring, the school collects comments and evaluations from students, their families, and the staff to help discern what processes should be kept and what will need to be reworked. All critiques are brought together, discussed, and then put into the school’s “Theory of Action.” This is where they figure out what changes need to made and how they intend to do so, while also keeping record of their growth and yearly goals. The school is able to keep themselves in check by publicly posting their Theory of Action and School Improvement Plan.

Safe Learning Environment

East High School goes out of its way to make sure the learning environment is comfortable for everyone. When students and families are able to trust the teachers and staff, the community is able to support each other and everyone is able to prosper. Madison East makes rigorous and advanced courses open to all so every pupil walks the stage at graduation prepared for college, a career, and most importantly, ready to be an upstanding member of the community.

Celebrating Diversity

Madison East’s most well-known attribute is their, “awareness and the celebration of diversity in our building.” Teachers and staff stand by the belief every student can succeed as long as they are understood and supported by the entirety of the school. Kids should never be bored with their studies; with the implementation of difficult classes that students can see the relevance in, paired with engaging and changing presentation of materials, students are able to progress to their greatest potential.

Devoted Educators

Staff and teachers are dedicated to making sure all incoming freshman feel comfortable and supported to increase the number of students graduating. In 2019 alone, the school observed a three percent improvement of pupils “on-track” to graduate as well as a two percent increase in their Graduation Rate. Likewise, the school noticed the number of students taking the ACT and Advanced Placement Test skyrocket. Furthermore, thanks to the school’s new partner Equal Opportunity Schools, fourteen percent more students signed up for Advanced Placement courses while one hundred underprivileged students and one hundred thirty-six historically marginalized pupils in Advanced Placement courses during the 2018-2019 school year.

East’s Evolving Future

The school would like to see higher efficacy in their support structures for students with their top priority being aimed at the ninth grade. East High is also pushing Personalized Pathways in hopes of a more custom-learning approach for all pupils as well as setting up both scholar and career intentions to give honest training in an effort to set their students up for future success.

Location 2222 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704
Phone 608.204.1603

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