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How to Furnish an Apartment

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How to Furnish an Apartment

Furnishing an apartment takes some finesse. If the furniture you purchase is too big you’re going to end up in a cramped apartment that’s hard to maneuver. On the other side of the coin, you want to have everything you’ll need to be comfortable and accommodate your guests. Maximize the space in your apartment by keeping these pieces of advice in mind.


Discreet Storage

When finding furniture for your apartment, try to find pieces with storage built-in. Often times the best pieces of furniture will provide discreet storage space. A coffee table with a drawer or two built in will make a great spot to keep your remotes and controllers. A hollowed out ottoman is the perfect place to keep blankets and pillows to get comfortable during movie night. If you can find a table for your television that has shelving units you can organize your video games and DVDs so they are conveniently located next to where you will be watching them.


Low Profile Furniture

Look for furniture that’s sleek and simple. This will free up space to make it easy to move around your apartment while also making your apartment appear larger. Be sure to measure your apartment so you know exactly how much space you have to work with. Nothing is worse than finding a perfect piece of furniture only to realize it won’t fit through the doorway. You will have to decide what pieces of furniture you are willing to compromise and what pieces need to be large and comfortable. Instead of having large chairs for your counter, compromise with smaller bar stools so you can have a big, comfortable couch. Pick one piece of furniture to serve as your focal point and then use your other pieces of furniture as smaller, accent pieces that complement the one, large centerpiece.


Less is More

Everyone wants to provide their friends with somewhere to sit, but too much furniture will be crowd your apartment and sit unused. More important than finding furniture that looks nice is looking for furniture that will accomplish a practical need. Purchasing furniture that “looks nice,” is no better than impulse buying. When hunting for furniture, you need to embark on the journey knowing what use you are looking to get out the furniture you’re looking for.


Furniture with More Than One Purpose

Similar to furniture with storage, find pieces that can provide you with more than one use. The most notable multi-purpose furniture piece is the sofa-sleeper; gives you somewhere to sit during the day and somewhere to sleep at night. You can even find furniture with built-in technology, such as a gaming chair that has a charging port for your phone, controller, or even gaming headset.


Furniture that Serves

A good looking piece of furniture is just that, it looks good. But will it serve the purpose you need it to? Furniture should always serve a purpose or meet a need. If you can find furnish your apartment entirely with pieces supplying built-in storage or multiple purposes, you will optimize the space in your apartment as best you can, leaving as much space as possible to create a large, open, and freeing environment.


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