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O’so Brewing Company

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How O’so Started

O’so Brewing Company was started by the dynamic husband-wife duo of Marc and Katina Buttera in Plover, Wisconsin in 2007. Marc was an amateur at-home brewer who had greater aspirations for his hobby. Before O’so, Marc created a shop where other home-brewers could come and get needed supplies under the name of Point Brew Supply. Shortly after O’so was established, the brewery started making waves and was recognized as “the second-fastest-growing brewery in the state.”


O’so was rewarded with a gold medal by the Great American Beer Festival in 2015 for their marvelous beer, The Big O, that can be enjoyed during Wisconsin’s cold winters and gorgeous summers. O’so gets their great reputation as a state-sourced company thanks to their efforts to use materials entirely from Wisconsin. Every beer of O’so is brewed with ingredients and machinery that originated in their home state. From the grain to the packaging, all the way to the bottles, it all comes from the Badger State.

Community Impact

O’so isn’t in it for the fame or the fortune, though. They want to see their surrounding communities thrive. Their tour fees and donations don’t go into their pockets, rather, they give it all away to local charities! O’so has been able to produce an impressive $17,500 for various charities in their local area!

Location: 1817 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 Hours: Mon-Sat 3pm-8pm
Phone: 715.254.2163 Sun 2pm-6pm

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About The Marling

The Marling Apartments rests on the edge of Downtown Madison, WI, and offers a superb location near the State Capitol, within walking distance of Willy Street, Schenk-Atwood, and Marquette neighborhoods.

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