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Your Commute is Killing You (Socially and Financially)

Your Commute is Killing You (Socially and Financially)

The greatest incentive to apartment life is the perfect location in the middle of all the action and close proximity to all the places you want to go. Most people spend about one third of their lives at work, so why spend any more time traveling to and from work? Pick an apartment that decreases your commute time and your quality of life will increase!


Less Time Commuting

You most likely drive your car from your apartment, to a train station or park and ride, then take public transportation to another stop, and either walk to work or hop on another bus or train, and then get to work. That’s a lot of time spent commuting! Imagine if you could cut out the car ride to where you could walk to the train station or bus stop? Now imagine if you could cut out both the drive and the public transportation? Apartments are specifically located around public transit stops, making it easy for tenants to conveniently walk out the front door and quickly jump on a bus or train. Better yet, think of how much time you would save if you lived in an apartment close enough to walk or bike to work, eliminating public transit altogether?


Less Connections Equals Less Expenses

The more connections you cut out, the more money you’ll save. If you’re able to take your car out of the equation entirely and walk to the bus stop or train station, you’ll save even more money, as gas is the greatest expense in the commute. Your transportation expense is a fluctuating expense, and if you can cut it down, you will have more money for fixed expenses, such as rent and insurance. Furthermore, part of the cost of your car insurance is based off how much you drive, so if you can take your car out of your commute, you can contact your insurance provider letting them know you no longer drive x amount of miles each year and only drive y amount miles each year, and the cost of your insurance policy will decrease accordingly. Look at it like this, the less connections you make, the less money public transit takes.


Less Commute Time Means More Free Time

When your commute is cut back, your personal time grows out! What would you be able to do if you had an extra thirty to sixty minutes every day? You could organize your apartment, take a dip in the apartment’s pool, or even catch up on sleep! When you subtract time from your commute, you’re adding time to your personal life, and time is irreplaceable! Pick an apartment that gives you the optimal commute, and you will experience both personal and financial gains.


Commuter-Friendly Apartments Available in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you seeking an apartment in Milwaukee closer to where you work? Check out these amazing studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments now leasing! With an abundant number of options available, you will find your ideal location fast! Shave time and money off your transportation expenses when you live in an apartment for the commuter!

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