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Decorating Your Apartment

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Decorating Your Apartment

Some people think they can’t customize their apartment simply because they’re renting, but that’s just not true. After all of your belongings have been moved in, you need to decorate, otherwise the white walls will have you feeling like you’re inside an asylum. Add some personality to your new apartment and make it yours. This what the majority of tenants look forward to!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People spend hours, if not days, searching for exquisite furniture. The best way to find a striking piece of furniture for your apartment is to repurpose existing furniture. Not only will you possess the only piece of its kind, but you’ll also have a great time making it! There’s no reason to head to a furniture store, look up a few local antique and thrift stores to find affordable furniture to repurpose. Don’t limit repurposing just to a chair or a couch, you can take this mindset and use it for your bed frame, a picture frame, and even your coffee table.


Mirrors Make Space

Mirrors aren’t just for doubling-checking how fly you are, they can make your apartment appear larger than life! There are many ways to use mirrors to manipulate your space. Get creative with how you hang your mirrors to add depth to otherwise small spaces. You can even find a way to be able to watch TV while you cook food in the kitchen, the options are endless.


Plants are Decorations

Even if you’re aren’t previously big on plants, plants will brighten the place up. Plants not only look nice, but they’ll draw in sunlight and purify the air at the same time. It’s important to keep the amount of natural light in your apartment in mind when finding the proper plants to bring in. If you have tons of natural light, make sure the plants do well with a lot of light. If you don’t have too much sunlight, find plants that only need a little to thrive. If you’re an inexperienced green thumb, begin your plant parenthood with plants that are easy to maintain, such as Succulents.


Stay Happy Stay Light

A great way to get as much light out of your apartment as you can is to keep to a light color scheme. Aside from opening up your space, it will subconsciously make your mood better, believe it or not. For a sense of rejuvenation, whites, happy blues, and mellow yellows are excellent choices. Avoid using dark colors in your color scheme, as this will cause the appearance of your apartment to shrink instead of expand. Dark colors should be used to make areas in your apartment pop or act as a focal point.


Not Too Much, Not Too Little, Just Right

It’s really easy to add too much and cramp your space up. On the flip side, it’s easy to settle with not enough decorations and be left with a rather sad and bare apartment. Shoot for a “middle of the road” ideology, and your apartment will look just right. Part of decorating is having a good balance throughout. If you find you have too many decorations in one spot, your apartment will look “bogged down.” When your decorations are dispersed evenly, your apartment won’t look cluttered and your theme will be able to flow through your entire apartment.


Organize Often

No matter how well you keep your spot ship-shape, you will see odds and ends pile up, it comes with apartment living. Organize often to keep your apartment from becoming a giant junk yard. When you move out, it will be so much easier when you kept a minimalist mindset over the course of your leasing period. Budget one day each week to clean and purge the excess. With self-discipline, you will create a healthy habit and it won’t be so hard. If you can’t see yourself organizing your whole apartment in one sitting, consider working on one room each day of the week to make the one large task several smaller, more realistic tasks.


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